No two software development projects are alike. Each project has very different priorities, requirements and technologies. Yet, on every project, you want to minimize risk, ensure predictable results, and deliver high-quality software on time. The key to successful software development lies heavily on the methodology you choose. Delta Information methodology provides a framework that unites the vision of our team and ensure a smooth and flawless delivery of high quality software. Our methodology focuses on three key dimensions of our business.
Delta Information has made it a strategic priority to attract and retain the top IT professionals in the workforce. We bring a wealth of expertise in applying effective solutions that help you succeed. Our team of people has developed expertise in a variety of areas, along with achieving multiple certifications in leading technologies. We take the time to create a partnership with you; custom design a solution to optimize your technology environment; implement what you need, when you need it; provide quality service and support for day-to-day efficiencies; and ensure your assets are working for you, now and in the future.
At Delta Information we deliver your project within a structured process or methodology that is based on our experiences and accepted standards in the Information Technology Industry. The methodology uses terms and practices from the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Extreme Programming (XP). All of our employees are trained to follow our methodology and educate our clients. This way everyone knows what to expect during the solution development process.
As is the case with people, the right tools are critical to the quality and timely delivery of a product. The software development process you follow and the tools you use can mean the difference between a languishing project and a wildly successful implementation. That is why Delta Information has invested heavily on leading development and testing tools by acquiring the appropriate licences as well as training its employees on the use of these tools. These project management, automated testing, performance tuning and modeling tools enable us to mitigate risk associated with software development and provide highly effective solutions in a timely manner.