Web initiatives are proliferating across virtually every aspect of your business, making it more complex than ever to manage your web content. Public web sites, intranets, extranets, or other web applications are now critical to meeting the demands of today's customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees. In many companies, it is not unusual to post up to tens of thousands of web pages annually - and all this must be done at breakneck speed. Add to this the dynamic, content-intensive nature of the latest applications, and you have a real challenge. How can you use your resources to get it all done?
Delta Information takes a strategic approach to Content Management(CM), aligning CM technology with your particular business needs. We start with you your eBusiness strategies, your operational processes, and your online and legacy information sources. Working together, we identify the ideal software solutions and determine how to best customize your applications. We can help you make it easy for a public relations manager to post press releases, for an HR manager to update benefits pages, and for a CFO to post investor information. Whatever your CM needs are, our goal is to help you make it easier for your web contributors to effectively meet the needs of all your users.